we love taking pictures of your pets

Focus on the eyes

Focus should be always on the eyes when possible; it will help depicting the right expression of your Pet.

EckFoto Pet Photography eye contact

Enter the Pet's World

Don’t hesitate to get down at their level, even it means to lie down on the grass.
We know all about connecting with your best friend.

we capture the action

Fast Shutter Speed in fast burst mode is our number one camera setting; we do not want to miss a hing.

EckFoto Pet Photography ready go

The Best Experience Ever

"We met Jean-Louis while on vacation in Maine and he took the most fabulous action shots of our dog playing on the beach chasing after tennis balls. The quality of his photos were outstanding and with great clarity. I would recommend him to anyone looking for not only action photos but any type of photo shots they need. Not only were his pictures great but he is a very personable man and we enjoyed getting to know him."
Steve B.
Investment Specialist

for stunning images of your pet

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Professional Photography for Real Estate, Head Shots, Portraits, Pets, and Sports

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