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We Make you Relaxed so You Look at Your Best

We know what to do and what to say to make you look at your best during our Headshot Photography Session. We will make you smile, heck we will even make you laugh.

We will guide you to make you look natural and relaxed.

Depending on your profession we will suggest a clean white or black background for a business look, a blurry background for a more relaxed atmosphere. You choose.

EckFoto Head Shot Photography We make you Realx


Lighting is very important and it will make you look beautiful; avoid fluorescent lighting from your place of work. Instead diffused light or even better natural lighting will give better results.

a good first impression


The way you present yourself will give a good impression of what you are about.

We will get you prepared all the way and help you to choose the best clothes and the perfect makeup to make you look at your best.

We will help you produce a more confident look by tilting your chin and pushing your face slightly forward, and by thinning your skin along the jaw line.



EckFoto Portrait Photography the soul

Unveiling the soul deep inside

We always aim at depicting the Essence of the person when we work on a portrait.
Unveiling the soul deep inside, that is our goal.
Showing all the emotions is what we aim for in each situation.

The Best Experience Ever

EckFoto Head Shot Photography Great Experience

Put all the odds on your side and make a good first impression with EckFoto Professional Head Shots.
We will help you to pick the right background that best represents your personality and your brand, weather personal or professional.
Get your EckFoto Professional Headshot ready today to embrace any opportunity that may present itself!

professional portraits

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Professional Photography for Real Estate, Head Shots, Portraits, Pets, and Sports

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